Value Return

With today’s face-paced technology advancement and the quick turn-around of technology deployment in business and personal life, the Remarketing of used equipment can maximize return-on-investment (ROI) and minimizes environmental impact. At WEEEBYTES, we can work with you on the assets recovery strategy to ensure you are engaged with a safe and secure process to remarket your IT assets.

Remarket Potential of the IT Assets generally based on:

  • Type of assets / parts
  • Age
  • Functionality
  • Appearance
  • Overall Condition

The IT Reuse Options that WEEEBYTES offers:

  • Refurbish and remarket (sell externally)
  • Dismantle and recover parts and components for reuse internally or for resale
  • Refurbish and donate to charities, communities and projects
  • Refurbish and sell to employees on dedicated employee e-commerce website
  • Equipment that no longer has useful life is responsibly recycled.