about us



WEEEBYTES has been an End-Of-Life (EOL) Information Technology (IT) Asset Management Company who offering bespoke solutions that help customers manage the retirement of IT assets, Remarketing IT assets, and other electronic devices or parts.

We understand the common challenges faced when managing EOL and Remarketing IT equipment, so we are here to provide a cost effective solutions to maximize the value recovery whilst achieving compliance with all local and international data security, environmental, and industry regulations.

At WEEEBYTES, we truly believe in the importance of personalize customer service as well as experience where we shall work with you to minimize the cost while maximize the value recovery in your IT asset management or EOL Electronic Devices / Parts.

What is Weeebytes recycling?

Electronic waste is one of the fastest growing global waste streams. The Weeebytes directive came in to effect to reduce this growing waste stream from entering landfills. This directive enforces stringent collection and recycling targets for businesses involved in manufacturing, distributing, storing, disposing, and selling electronic equipment. These businesses have a duty of care to dispose waste in a responsible manner by using a licenced waste organisation.

01Our Mission

Our efficient recycling process allows you to dispose of your equipment with ease and requires minimal effort on your part; all you need to do is call us and arrange a time which suits you, and we take care of the rest.

02Our vision

Our aim is to divert all e-waste from landfills to protect our environment. The goods that we collect are partially dismantled and processed at our facility and together with out downstream partners, recyclable materials are recovered.


Preservation and recycling of raw materials and reduction in the amount of waste created by the company’s processes. Safe handling of product materials and scrap generated.